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About us

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Rig is India’s leading broadband provider and online OTT television platform. RIG is a company born with an idea to deliver uninterrupted internet and entertainment to the people in India. We are striving to transform the world with the supply of internet and making it affordable and accessible for everyone. Our online television OTT platform can make you feel alive with entertainment. We allow you to enjoy your favorite channels in the comfort of your home. We bring you the advantage of choosing the language of your choice. Our wide selection of languages makes us the best choice. RIG offers amazing speed, clear sounds, good video quality and also easy to use. Being one of the most well-known cable and broadband companies in the country, we are providing cutting-edge services to millions of delighted customers.


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At RIG India, we've always believed in providing the utmost level of service to our clients, and our goal is for every Indian household to have access to world-class internet and entertainment services.



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Use the My Wi-fi Settings options on the RIG app and select speed test to see how much speed you're getting. Please check your actual plan speed by plugging the LAN (Ethernet Cable) directly into your laptop/desktop. Every time you run a speed test, the speed may vary by 5% to 10%.

When multiple devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and smart TV, are connected to a single Wi-Fi router, data usage skyrockets, reducing speed. Turn off your device's Wi-Fi when it's not in use, as most apps and websites continue to use data even when you're not using them.

The RIG OTT/IPTV allows you stream amazing movies and TV shows of your choice. It enables you to easily move between on-demand video and TV stations, giving you a complete entertainment experience.

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