Internet Leased Line

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Standard Internet Leased Line

Consistent, fast, dependable and secure connectivity to accomplish your business functions is essential for firms to run successfully. An Internet Leased Line, or ILL, is a dedicated Internet connectivity service that offers uncontended symmetrical upload and download speeds. Some companies choose low cost broadband options which in turn leads to low quality internet performance. For such companies that have more than 20 employees, RIG offer an Internet Leased Line services that will provide them secured high-speed internet connectivity.

Managed Internet Leased Line

For the companies that need dedicated, secure high-speed internet service with complete control, we offer our Managed Internet Leased Line connection. The businesses can outsource end-to-end administration and monitoring of internet links to our Managed ILL service, which saves time diagnosing and resolving service faults. They don’t have to worry about the upload and download internet speeds.

Business connectivity backed by SLA

Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Dedicated bandwidth
Symmetric bandwidth (same upload & download speeds)
Multiple bandwidth options
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Ring protected Fiber last mile
Multiple last mile options
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Configuration management
Static route support
VLAN support
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Link utilization report
Link uptime report
Open & track trouble tickets
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
DDOS Mitigation
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Static IPs
Features Standard ILL Managed ILL
Proactive Monitoring (auto ticketing)
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